Our Business

Sales and Business Development Services

We represent innovative software vendors, mainly from Israel, and help them sell and develop their business in the Asia Pacific area. Our service includes:
• Hunt for new opportunities
• Follow up on sales opportunities
• Co-work with the vendor’s channels and/or direct sales
• Completion of the sales cycle
• Recommendation of sales tactics according to the targeted market
• Development of market based on the vendor’s strategy
• Submission of timely reports

Investment Engagement Services

We provide the following services for Israeli hi-tech startups:
• Identification and location of potential investors
• Connecting the potential investors and startups
• Provide insights and information
• Set up video conferences and/or face-to-face meetings
• Facilitation of investments

Intelligent Apartment Multimedia Services

We build and provide an IP software-based platform, allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of IP multimedia services. The platform is called iAMSnet (Intelligent Apartment Multimedia Services). It is a new generation software-based communication and security platform with multimedia services for apartment buildings. iAMSnet is a scalable and secured open source, IP based platform specifically designed for residential estates. Please click here for more details